We hope to keep you up to date on this page with events which affect our local environment.  If you have any items of general interest do let us know.
In the same vein if you are aware of a new resident arriving do let us know so they can be made to feel welcome.  One of the things we are most anxious to achieve is a sense of community for all who live along this wonderful road.

For planning matters please go to our dedicated planning page via the tab above..

to the first residents to move into Ocean House.
AGM 2017. 
There is a link to the draft minutes of this year's AGM at the bottom of this page.



   Sea Road Residents’ Association Ltd 



will be held at



SUNDAY MAY 7th at 7pm


All attendees are asked to sign the attendance sheets on arrival.  Under the rules of the Company each 'paid-up' household is allowed one vote on each motion presented to the meeting but if you are not yet a member you can join on the night.  Copies of the last AGM minutes have been circulated previously but if you need a copy either pick one up at the meeting on May 7th, look on our website - - or ask a director.  A list of current directors is printed overleaf.

Copies of the Chairman’s report will be available after the meeting and the financial reports will be available for perusal.

The agenda for the AGM is as below. We hope you will be able to attend.


Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided from 6.30pm and hopefully you will also find time to stay afterwards to make this a social occasion.  A cash bar is of course available.


This is the 33rd AGM of the Company and is held for transaction of the following business:



  1.    To receive apologies for absence

  2.     To approve the minutes of the last AGM (8 May 2016)

  3.     Matters arising from the above minutes not on this agenda

  4.     To elect directors in accordance with the Articles of Association

  5.     To receive the Treasurer’s report and adopt the Company accounts for the year

        ended 31 December 2016

  6.     To receive the Chairman’s report

  7.     To discuss all matters affecting the road, including road surfacing, repairs & speed controls

  8.     To consider the level of annual subscription

  9.     Planning matters

  10.     Communications

  11.     Any other business

  12.     Date of next AGM


We look forward to greeting you on the evening of May 7th.  If you have any matters you wish to raise and to have discussed at this meeting, please let us know in advance. 

A member who is unable to attend may appoint a proxy to vote in his/her place.  Please send details to the Secretary at 97 Sea Road no later than 48 hours before the meeting.







At April 12th 2017 the officers of the Association are:


Robin Malcolm             Secretary

Sally Burley                 Director

Mark Frazer                   Director

Phil Martin                    Director

Sil Edwards                  Treasurer


You can contact any of us by e-mail at , by direct contact with any board member or via the registered office address below.


If any member would like to help by becoming a director, please let us know either in advance or at the AGM.  The work isn’t onerous but we welcome any additional input to aid the running of the Association.



Current subscription rate is £35 per annum per household.


Our bank account is with Lloyds - account number 00432820 Sort Code 30-97-28. Please reference any payment with your name and/or house number. Alternatively you can of course pay by cheque.



I have been asked to circulate the note below to members of the Sea Road Residents' Association (SRRA) for your information and to give you an opportunity to comment if you so wish.
Robin Malcolm
Company Secretary SRRA
As you know we have been successful in securing funding to effect some improvements to the field entrance and I am notifying you of the proposed work in case your group have any objections.  I am awaiting formal approval from the Carlyon Bay Hotel prior to placing the order. 
  • Clear the existing surfacing in front of the gate and re-lay and compact hardcore to the path, to join up with the hedge
  • Install 2 heavy duty steel traffic bollards, to be lockable and removable
  • Clean cut the edge of the area where it joins the road and re-lay hot tarmac to the entrance
  • Excavate additional drainage channels into the scrub hedge on the western side of the gate entrance near the speed hump to prevent run-off erosion damage
  • Paint "keep clear" on the road at the gate entrance
If you or any of your members have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards.

Julie Larter
Carlyon Parish Council
01872 501101