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Minutes of 2015 AGM

posted Jul 13, 2015, 7:25 AM by Robin Malcolm

Sea Road Residents’ Association


  Minutes of Annual General Meeting held at the Porth Avallen Hotel

          April 26th 2015


1.             Those present

         A register was signed by all present and kept for inspection on request. 

         45 residents attended the meeting.


2.        Apologies were received from Mr & Mrs Ready, Mrs Lloyd, the Misses Wright, Mr Herne, Mr & Mrs Tozer, Mrs Murtagh, Mr & Mrs Frazer, Mr & Mrs Warman, Miss Timbrell, Mr & Mrs Smit.


3.        Minutes of the last AGM held on 6 April 2014 were approved unanimously, proposed by Col.         Ramsay, seconded by Mrs Wieringa.  There were no matters arising.


4.        Election of Director(s) in accordance with the articles of Association.

            As all current directors had been re-elected last year, there was no need for their re-election this year. The board therefore remains as Ken Stark (Chairman), Robin Malcolm (Company Secretary), Phil Martin, Sally Burley and Mark Frazer (all Directors) with Sil Edwards staying as Treasurer. David Taylor had resigned as a director during the course of the year.


5.        Treasurer’s report. 

            Sil Edwards presented the accounts.  They had stood at £6840 at the end of 2012, £5764 at the end of 2013 and £7694 at the end of 2014.  These funds were held in 2 current accounts at Lloyds and the Bank of Scotland.

During the year 68 households contributed to our net receipt total of £2148.  This was a slight increase on the 66 that contributed in 2013.  Some members have been very generous in exceeding the £35 annual subscription; alas some are still paying £25 whilst a small number are still on £15!

So far this year we have received subscriptions from 77 households out of a total of 117. This figure does not include any payments made direct to our account during April or any subscriptions received tonight.

Net payments for the year totalled £218.  These were a result of costs incurred by: Companies House fees, insurance premiums, secretarial expenses and printing.

Due to the number of new developments on the road and to allow for completion of works, no repairs to the road surface were undertaken last year.  However this year we have already spent £1200 on repairs to the road surface.

The company accounts were adopted by unanimous vote.


6.        The Chairman’s Report was circulated to those present. The full report is reproduced below:-


Welcome to the 31st AGM of Sea Road residents, which is the second AGM of our renamed company Sea Road Residents’ Association Ltd.    I take this opportunity to thank our Directors, who have given freely of their time, for dealing with matters raised at our Board Meetings or by our members.  I also thank former Director David Taylor, who regrettably resigned during the course of the year.  I know the Board is dedicated to supporting residents wherever we can, and the condition of the road and the quality of our local environment always takes top place in our discussions.  It is thanks to you, our members, that we are able to undertake urgent repairs, and this is an ongoing requirement.  We remain concerned that we still have a number of residents who are not currently members, and, as one our aims is to increase membership to help provide adequate funding, we have recently written to them individually outlining what we do and inviting them to come along and join our Residents’ Association. 

We are particularly pleased to welcome all the residents of Polgavor and Regency Apartments to our Association, and I would like to thank member John Ferguson for his personal efforts in bringing this about. Thank you, John.  We now hope that more residents of the Carlyon Court and Kintail apartments, some of whom are already members, will also join our association as we are aiming to have “en bloc” membership for all existing and proposed apartments.  Additionally, we have already asked the Management of the proposed retirement apartments on the Cliff Head Hotel site to become group members, and we have also requested a lump sum contribution from that company should planning permission be obtained.

As predicted last year, we are seeing the continuation of various building projects along certain parts of the road. These projects are often incurring the demolition of older properties in favour of more sustainable homes, and we are seeing a range of modern styles being constructed which are adding a touch of variety and interest to the street scene.  It may be that some, but perhaps not everybody, appreciates modern styles, but I would imagine that the diverse styles and quality of the recent builds may well be increasing the desirability of properties along our road.

Now a little reminder.  Some residents may be aware of the prolonged water leak which appeared in the middle of the road down by the golf course. After numerous conversations and two attempts to repair, which included closure of the road, the leak was eventually rectified, but this incident reminds me to make you aware that, as part-owners of a private road, you may be held financially responsible for such repairs on your property, so it may be wise to check if you have adequate insurance to cover that possible costly event.

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Residents are reminded that The Beach project now has full planning consent for 511 apartments down at Crinnis and Shorthorn Beaches.  Demolition of the old Coliseum and Wimpy Bar is now in progress, and the northern part of Sea Road will be used for most construction traffic during the 5 to 7 year build. This part of the road is due for adoption under the S.106 Agreement allied to the approval.   Once parts of the development are up-and-running, I think we can expect some additional traffic and pedestrian movements along the whole of Sea Road, as the Beach property owners will have the same private access rights to the roads of Carlyon Bay as we have.

Whilst the Directors of our Residents’ Association will endeavour to arrange minor road repairs, it is important to bear in mind that each property owner is responsible for maintaining their section of the road. The Board welcomes all our new residents to the road and hopes they will join our Residents’ Association, and invite them to know who their local director is.  I thank existing residents and fellow directors for their continued support.

Ken Stark, Chairman,   April 2015                                                       Website:


7.        State of the road.

            Phil Martin said we were trying to do bigger repairs rather than a patchwork of small ones.  He also said that re-painting was due very soon.

Mr Murtagh asked about the narrowing of the road between nos 44a and 51a.  Ken Stark said that we had written to the owner/developer but had received no reply.  He had also contacted the enforcement officer who felt it was not worth their while doing anything about the matter.  David Taylor also pointed out that the road narrowed on the Porth Avallen side with a crumbling edge.  Mr Lord felt the road was becoming busier and wondered if bollards could be erected to effectively create 2 cul-de-sacs.  Phil Marin pointed out that this had been looked into by a sub-committee a year ago but any such action would require the agreement of every single resident in the road,  Mr pallet suggested angled humps might help keep speeds down.  Phil Martin suggested we mounted a traffic survey so we at least had a base figure to work from as development particularly of the Beach complex progressed.  This was agreed to; Phil Martin and Sally Burley would pursue the matter.

It was asked if the hotels paid into the Association.  The answer was no as the Association was for Residents and also because the hotels carried the responsibility for fairly large sections of the road which they paid for directly.

         The question was asked about having the whole road adopted.  Ken Stark said that residents would have to pay to bring the road up to adoption standard before the Council would consider it.  That cost was likely to be well over £10000 per household and again everyone would have to agree.  Mr Thomas asked why the whole of Sea Road shouldn’t be paid for by the developers of the Beach.  The Chairman said that the adoption of Sea Road North was in train because that was to be the main route for construction traffic during the 5-7 years of work.  This huge increase in lorry traffic would inevitably cause a large amount of added wear and tear to this section of road.


8.        Planning matters.

            An application had been put in for the redevelopment of the Cliff Head Hotel site.  This would be a large project and members should take the time to look at the application.  Also Cliff House (no 54) and the adjacent property were in the throes of redevelopment into 7/8 apartments on each site.

         Mr Mick Sheehan – one of our Parish Councillors – said it was important that individuals should comment on any planning application that exercised them.  It didn’t help the Planning department of the County Council to know if there was a strength of feeling on each application if they only received one comment from this association.  That still only counted as one comment and wasn’t weighted so he urged everyone to take to time to look at anything relevant along our road and to comment as they saw fit.



9.        Any other business.

            Mr Morelli asked if the residents’ association was a child of St Austell Bay Estates.  He had mention of a company of that name in his deeds.  Ken Stark asked if he could look out a copy of the relevant section so we could look at the history and see if it had any relevance to us now.

         It was mentioned that plans were underway to install a defibrillator by the shops in Beach Road.  This was being funded by voluntary payments and the Parish Council had agreed to pick up the annual running costs.



            With no other business to discuss it was proposed that the next AGM would be held on Sunday April 10th, 2016. The time and venue would be circulated later.



The meeting closed at 2015.

Minutes presented by Robin Malcolm.                                                                            Page 2 of 2